Custom Shows

Work directly with our designers to create a fully custom show and make your vision a reality!

  • Corporate Events
  • Theme Parks
  • Sports Venues
  • Music Festivals

Stock Shows

Choose between a variety of stock formations to fit your budget.

  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Graduations
  • Weddings


X1 Drone

  • 20 Minute Flight Time
  • Fly in winds up to 25 MpH
  • Ultra-bright light source with over 900 lumens
  • 10cm precision positioning
  • Made in USA (ISO9001 & AS9100C)
  • Strong, carbon fiber frame

Design Studio

  • 3D previsualization videos
  • Real time, interactive content
  • Designed and optimized for entertainment purposes
  • Supports 500+ drones
  • Complex flight patterns with a few clicks


Elevate your event in a safe environment

FAA certified with 1000+ flights

  • Real-time monitoring of drones during operation with mission control software
  • Automated preflight check to verify system readiness
  • Emergency routines for return-to-home or immediate landing
  • Geofencing boundaries ensure drones remain in designated operating territories
  • Remote trigger capability for synchronized warning lights to alert nearby manned aircraft

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